WHO YA GONNA CALL? At this point in the cycle, you certainly want the experts on your side. In our 55 years in the hotel business, we have driven top-and-bottom-line performances through the peaks and the troughs.Attention areas must flex at different points in the cycle: revenue management in rooms and outlets to capture every possible dollar, sales tenacity to capture the right groups and guests at the right price, expense flexing to drive profitability while still providing the guest experience, cyber-security expertise to protect guests and data, recruiting and training the right talent to make your hotel hum…just to name a few. Reliable, proven expertise. So, who ya gonna call? 

AT THE TABLE  Andrea Foster was a panelist at the 2016 Hotel Business Executive Roundtable entitled “Grow It!” Buy. Build. Convert. Adapt. What’s Trending Now?” See what Andrea had to say.Read the full article here.


DID YOU KNOW? Ghostbusters was the highest-grossing comedy of all time, until the release of Home Alone in 1990.

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Named one of the “Most Trustworthy Companies in America” by Forbes Magazine, The Marcus Corporation, the parent company of Marcus Hotels & Resorts, is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: MCS). Founded in 1935 by Ben Marcus, The Marcus Corporation has two operating divisions: Marcus Theatres® and Marcus® Hotels & Resorts. The company’s theatre division is the fifth largest motion picture circuit in the U.S. The company entered the lodging business in 1962 with its purchase of the historic Pfister Hotel in downtown, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now with more than 50 years of expertise in hotel management, turnarounds, development, and historic renovations, the company’s diverse portfolio includes a wide variety of properties including city-center convention hotels, premium brands, upscale resorts, and independent and branded first-class hotels.
Marcus Hotels & Resorts and MCS Capital, The Marcus Corporation’s hotel investment subsidiary, continue to seek management contracts. Led by Joseph Khairallah, chief operating officer, and a strong team of experienced development experts and hoteliers, Marcus Hotels knows what hotel owners want and need, and meet those expectations with accounting, legal, IT, operations, marketing, and sales expertise already in place. As a leading national hotel management company, Marcus Hotels & Resorts is a proven partner that adds a fresh perspective to any hotel’s bottom line.